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Satellite Coverage Maps

OmniSTAR is pleased to offer our customers worldwide correction coverage. To help you select the satellite that is best for your region, please review the satellite frequency list below.

For instructions on how to change to a different satellite frequency, please check your receiver manual or contact our Customer Service team. For updated frequency settings and receiver instructions please visit: www.trimble.com/Positioning-Services/frequency-change.

OmniSTAR Beam Change Updates

Trimble’s satellite beam provider has informed us that the following OmniSTAR satellite beams will transition to a new beam this will affect all GNSS receivers using OmniSTAR VBS, OmniSTAR XP, OmniSTAR HP, and OmniSTAR G2 correction services via satellite delivery.

For more information, contact Customer Care.

The following graphs show the coverage of each individual satellite. Red dots are reference stations used within the current network.

CONNA – North America

AMSAT – North & South America

OCSAT – Asia Pacific

EMSAT – Europe and Africa

IOSAT – India, CIS, Middle-East

OmniSTAR offers global correction coverage for our land-based applications. Please refer to the table below to determine which satellite frequency you should use in your area. You can also view coverage maps showing the areas covered by each beam in the sections below.

If you have any questions about which frequency is best for you to use, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

OmniSTAR Satellites and Regional Coverage (as of September, 2021)

Coverage Area

Satellite Name


Data Rate*

Americas Region:
North America CONNA 1555.7885 1200
North, Central and South America including the Caribbean AMSAT 1545.9375 1200
Europe / Africa Region:
Europe, Africa & Middle-East EMSAT 1545.9275 1200
India, CIS, Middle-East IOSAT 1545.8075 1200
Asia Pacific Region:
Asia OCSAT 1545.8750 1200
Australia & Pacific Rim OCSAT 1545.8750 1200
* A data (baud) rate of 1200 equals a symbol rate of 2438. A data (baud) rate of 600 equals a symbol rate of 1219.