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Activate Subscription

Hints to Subscribe Quickly and Easily

Verify you have the latest firmware version on your receiver. Current firmware versions can be found on most manufacturers’ websites and our Customer Care Teams are also aware of most current firmware revisions. (Please note that some subscription services will not work on old firmware versions.)

Switch on your receiver and establish whether or not the unit is configured on the right frequency for your location; Satellite Frequencies, and make sure the receiver has a fix on the OmniSTAR satellite.

Important things OmniSTAR needs to know before they can subscribe:

  • Customer Name
  • OmniSTAR ID Number
  • Type of Receiver
  • Your Location
  • Receiver Satellite Frequency
  • Subscription Required

If you are unsure of any these pre-requisites, please contact your local dealer or the OmniSTAR Customer Care Team for assistance.