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Whether you want to start your OmniSTAR experience for the first time or renew your subscription with us, we are ready to help. To find a Customer Care representative in your area, please select the appropriate region below by clicking on the arrows.

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Users can renew and resend subscriptions directly at the OmniSTAR store.

Based on your location, please refer to the appropriate document below for the Terms of Subscription for OmniSTAR Data Services. If you have any questions, please contact your regional OmniSTAR office.

North, Central, South America and the Caribbean

+1-888-OMNISTAR (+1-888-666-4782) (US Toll free)
+1-888-883-8476 (US Toll free)
+55-19-3113-7099 (Brazil)

am_corrections@omnistar.com (dgps2@omnistar.com, signals@omnistar.com)

OmniSTAR Terms of Subscription:
U.S. Customers – OmniSTAR Terms of Subscription
Americas Customers outside the U.S. – OmniSTAR Terms of Subscription


+1-800-062-221 (Australia Toll free)
+1-800-062-224 (Australia Toll free)

Australia: au_corrections@omnistar.com
New Zealand: nz_corrections@omnistar.com
India: in_corrections@omnistar.com
Asia: asia_corrections@omnistar.com

OmniSTAR Terms of Subscription:
Asia Pacific Customers – OmniSTAR Terms of Subscription

Europe, Middle East, Russia and CIS


Europe/Middle East: eu_corrections@omnistar.com

OmniSTAR Terms of Subscription:
Europe & Middle East Customers – OmniSTAR Terms of Subscription

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OmniSTAR Terms of Subscription:
Africa Customers – OmniSTAR Terms of Subscription