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Convenient Accuracy Worldwide

OmniSTAR is easy to use

With convenient delivery, global coverage, reliable systems and 24-hour support, OmniSTAR makes it easy for you to get the accuracy you need any time day or night.

OmniSTAR expands your scope

OmniSTAR provides multiple accuracy solutions with seamless worldwide coverage for use anywhere - even in regions without an established network of geographical references.

OmniSTAR lowers your cost

With OmniSTAR, base stations, radios and radio licenses become a thing of the past, there is no on-going maintenance either.

OmniSTAR increases your productivity

Not being bound to ground-based infrastructure lets you execute jobs easily and quickly, especially when working over longer distances.

With 24/7 availability, OmniSTAR provides immediate access to reliable results.

OmniSTAR offers convenience and accessibility

The OmniSTAR service can be accessed worldwide and is compatible with a large number of GNSS receivers.

OmniSTAR provides the appropriate solution

OmniSTAR provides multiple options for accuracy that suit a large variety of applications across many industries.

OmniSTAR means peace of mind

OmniSTAR can only be successful if you are. We are here to help you succeed with your ventures, whatever and wherever they may be.



The OmniSTAR HP service is the most accurate solution available. It is a L1/L2 solution requiring a dual frequency receiver ... 



OmniSTAR G2 represents the most recent advance in OmniSTAR service options. It is a world-wide dual frequency high accuracy solution which uses Orbit and Clock correction data ... 


OmniSTAR XP is a world-wide dual frequency high accuracy solution. It is a L1/L2 solution requiring a dual frequency receiver ...



OmniSTAR VBS is the foundational "sub-meter" level of service. It is an L1 only, code phase pseudo-range solution ...