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OmniSTAR 2100 and GEM Receivers


Technical information is available here for the following OmniSTAR receivers:

  • 2100
  • GEM 

For additional information, please refer to OmniSTAR's website at www.omnistar.com/support.

MinimizeOmniSTAR 2100



Activation Set-up

The first important thing is that you have a OmniSTAR receiver with the latest firmware version. Please call your nearest OmniSTAR branch for the latest update. Some subscription possibilities will not work with old firmware!
Setup your OmniSTAR receiver and switch it on. Make sure the receiver has a lock on the OmniSTAR satellite.

Important things OmniSTAR needs to know before they can subscribe:

    1. Type of receiver
    2. Serial number
    3. Type of activation you require
    4. Location
    5. Firmware of receiver
    6. Satellite service which the unit is locked onto.


For additional information, please contact your nearest OmniSTAR branch.

Changing to a New Satellite Frequency

We recommend that if possible you also take the opportunity to upgrade your receiver to the latest version of firmware currently Omni_4.8.
You should contact your supplier with regard to the upgrade procedure and OmniSTAR to re-subscribe your receiver after a firmware upgrade.

To change the OmniSTAR satellite frequency via the SLXmon program:

  1. Connect the command cable with the label command to the COM1 of the computer.
  2. Select File menu item, followed by Connect, set the correct PC COM port, the default baud setting is 19200.
  3. Select Control menu, followed by View Command page.
  4. In the Message to SLX window type $JFREQ,<satellite frequency>,<baud rate> and press Send (the message format is $JFREQ<frequency in KHz.><link baud rate>).)
  5. Then in the Message to SLX window type $JSAVE and press SEND.



System Requirements

Below are the minimum receiver firmware requirements for OmniSTAR service. To download the latest firmware, check the Latest Firmware Versions information below.

   GPS Receiver Model   
  VBS Subscription  
  HP/XP Subscription  
   Firmware Version 

OmniSTAR 2100 / GEM

  RSOCVBS n/a  4.8


Latest Firmware Versions & Upgrades

   GPS Receiver Model   
   Release date 
OmniSTAR 2100 / GEM
 4.8 4.8  n/a Oct. 2005


User System Information

Documentation available for the OmniSTAR 2100 includes the following:

For additional information, please refer to the manufacturer's website at www.omnistar.com.

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